Prepare files for plasma, oxy, laser & waterjet cutting

Metal fabricators are increasingly supplied job data in electronic formats. To solve this problem, FastCAM® can not only load a range of file types (DXF, DWG, DSTV/NC1, StruCAD, IGES & PDF), it includes a suite of fully automatic CAD smart features for conversion to NC ready code making the job input seamless and automatic. FastCAM® outputs (Fast)CAM, DXF & IGES formats.

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The FastCAM® Drawing Editor is an easy 2D CAD program for CNC that can also import and clean 3rd party CAD files for profile cutting with a single click.

DXF/DWG are the most common drawing exchange file formats for transferring files between systems however they are often 'dirty' files because they include hundreds or even thousands of very small lines. These broken small lines create a slow, jerky, stop-start cutting motion because tiny corners create errors that confuse automatic tool path generation routines. This is because CAD was designed to put lines on paper and so the files contain a lot of irrelevent detail for oxy, plasma, laser & waterjet cutting machines. CNC needs every line, arc or entity in precise and clean geometry. Importantly, the lines also need to be connected.

If the geometry you have been supplied in your CAD file contains gaps or overlapping lines or has poorly constructed shapes, FastCAM® can clean up these deficiencies and find potential stoppage issues before they reach the cutting floor. Even tiny CAD lines can be automatically blended with true arcs.

Files containing decorative art, fonts, graphics, scanned images, free form drawings and complex components with many penetrations and curved complex contours can be especially time consuming.

All these FastCAM® CAD Tools work together to check, fix and validate that the file is ready to use before the job hits the cutting machine.



    Many CAD systems produce arcs as many small line movements which are unsuitable. This feature joins the lines which results in smooth cutting.


    This feature reduces entities and replaces them with true lines and arcs. CAD file sizes can often drop 80-90%. They even cut better as well!


    Reverse engineer CNC files back to geometry using a path from CNC through CAM and to DXF providing complete flexibility for any format at input or output. Valuable to users when they've lost their original drawing files!


    In structural parts often the holes are to be drilled, not cut. Conversely, often the CAD file only has datum points for burning holes. This function will convert those points to holes at the required size.


    FastCAM now has the ability to convert Vector based PDFs to drawing/CAM Files. Useful for when only PDF files are made available at the quotation stage.


    This is where single or multiple parts are extracted from a CAD drawing (where the file is a large drawing with irrelevant data for cutting). You can also save further time by automatically adding text to parts when extracting files in this manner.


    Import native files from other systems (DWG/DSTV/NC1/StruCAD) and verify before cutting. No need to have a copy of various software packages just to read customer files.


    International Graphics Exchange System. Similar but more powerful file format than DXF. Usually found in very large systems. Allows for direct import.


    Layers are automatically detected and matched to machine processes like marking, drilling, tapping etc.

The FastCAM® Drawing Editor is included with the FastCAM® System but can be purchased separately to use with other CAM systems:
PDFDrawing Editor $199; PDFIntegrated CAD Tools for Complex Drawings

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