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FastCUT® is one of our most popular products and we generally receive rave reviews. Many customers have used the program for years and all testify to value for money.

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"We mostly do shear processing so FastCUT® is perfect. We should have had this years ago! " Malcolm Burrow, Ralvin Engineering

"I've been using FastCUT® for the past 2 years and have found it to be a time and money saver in relation to minimizing glass wastage on cut to size jobs as well as saving time on estimating. It is very good at giving the best size stock to use on your jobs." Greg J. Lloyd, Estimating and Purchase Control, Alternative Glass Supplies

"Since we've started using FastCUT® we have been able to markedly improve the efficiency of our cutters, especially in terms of time and cost savings in requests for cut to size requests....providing timely quotes to customers is one of our core revenue producing sources and FastCUT® has allowed us to greatly improve our turnaround time. Due to the success of this program in our factory we are looking at using it in our other branches. " Lyle McGrath, Capital Glass

"In a glass company that deals in million dollar projects it is imperative that we find every possible advantage at the quotation stage. FastCUT® has allowed me to assess the cutting loss on projects quickly and within the customer's timeframe. We are no longer tying up production with optimization requests and have full control of our quotation turnaround. "Robert Price, DMS Glass.

"We have been using FastCUT® in our shop for more years than I can remember. I like the simplicity of the program, as well as the ability to use either decimals or fractions in the input/output. It's great to be able to do sheet and bar in the same program. The new ability to print multiple patterns on one page is a great addition, and I think we'll find the cut-to-length feature useful for some of our bigger jobs. Also, I've always found your support to be excellent. Gabriel has always been very responsive and helpful. I've just purchased 4 more seats and am in the process of installing them." Steve Minnich, Manager of Operations, Ebinger Iron Works

FastCUT® can be deployed in a hosted environment including Citrix or Terminal Services. Multi user licenses are available. Email FastCAM.
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