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$99 1D/2D cutting optimizer and cut list generator for Rectangular, Linear or Stock Length materials cut with Shears or Saws. Cut & Paste from Excel. Ideal for estimating and factory floor staff. Editions for Metal, Wood & (Flat) Glass.

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FastCUT® cutting software produces optimized cutting plans for rectangular, linear & cut to length stock such as plate, wood/plywood panels and flat glass. Powerful nesting algorithms deliver substantial savings in seconds and the program also generates pick lists. Use for metal, wood, glass, marble, plastics and 'like' products for maximize yield. Handles multiple stock sizes and parts consolidation. Optimize on material or handling. Covers sheared and sawn processing with kerf width allowance for saw blade.

FastCUT® provides a means of nesting a set of rectangular shaped parts into a set of rectangular shaped sheets of stock material. The `grain’ of any part may be preserved, preventing rotation of the part during nesting. FastCUT® assumes use of a shear or guillotine for cutting the parts. The essential feature of such a machine is that it does not cut re-entrant corners; it cuts completely through a workpiece at every operation, and every offcut is itself a rectangle. Machines having such features are common in light metal fabrication, joinery using saws, glass cutting and many other applications. Other machines may be simulated, however, the nesting technique is unchanged. Shears with programmable backstops can also be linked to FastCUT®.

While shearing will still be a manual operation, the FastCUT® program will take the tedium out of nesting the patterns, and maximize the use of the material. The program begins with entering the list of required widths and lengths. It will then process the part variations within sheets. It can, in fact, test a whole range of processes over a different range of sheets and the operator can see the sheet layout on the screen. Nesting can be terminated after a specified time has elapsed, or after attaining a specified scrap factor (scrap mass expressed as a percentage of total mass of parts). Nesting can also be interrupted at any time for review of results to date. The program will break down the amount of material into that being used, that which needs to be returned to stock, and that which is scrap. Stock consumption can be prioritized by nominating some items as pre-existing remnant, which forces the use of non-remnant stock where possible. Remnant can be defined by mass and/or width and/or length. Alternatively, all offcut can be defined as scrap.

Works with Coil as well as Sheet and Bar! FastCUT® also provides a means of nesting a set of rectangular shaped parts or bars into a set of coils, rectangular shaped sheets or bars of stock material. Choices for stockfeed are: 1. Lengths as given, 2. Coil cut to mixed lengths, 3. Coil cut to same lengths.

There's not a lot of software in this price range that affects your bottom line in such an easy, instant and dramatic way. FastCUT® lets even small job shops incorporate powerful nesting efficiencies into their business whether they use manual or automatic cutting. It gives the operator the complete graphics of the cutting required on a particular job. And as the program allows for dates of jobs and materials used, it can also be used as a very simple and basic quoting system.

Summary of Features:
  • 1D & 2D nesting - Rectangular, Linear & Cut to Length.
  • Optimizes Remnant before using Standard size Stocks.
  • Job costing calculator produces material cost and return to stock.
  • Cutting list/plan calculator for factory staff.
  • Produces simple reports for analysis.
  • Simple job and quote tracking data.
  • DXF Output.
  • Kerf Width Allowance: For a shear, guillotine, cropper etc. there is normally no material lost in a cut, although an exception could be made if it were necessary to dress sheared edges as a secondary process. Other thermal or mechanical cutting processes usually result in a finite loss of material which can be specified as Kerf Width Allowance.
  • Inch and Metric
  • Multi language support (English, Spanish; Chinese [simplified and traditional]; Dutch; Hungarian; Italian; Russian; Thai)
  • Add FastCUT® Labels and you can print sticky labels with the cut list data for part identification.
  • FastCUT® operates on a single user Windows PC.
  • A multi user network version is available for corporates who wish to deploy FastCUT® in a hosted environment such as Citrix or Terminal Services.

These testimonials are typical of what our customers say about FastCUT®.

"I cannot believe how well this software works! Within 30 minutes of installing it, I was saving $$$!! Fastcut takes the guesswork out of determining how much material we need, and how to cut each panel for maximum utilisation of the material. FastCUT® now forms the basis of our costing for all our jobs, and I cannot recommend it highly enough."
- Paul Ellis, Director, Composite Installations, Sydney

"FastCUT saves me more time that I know what to do with....!!!"
- Raymond Nelson, A&N CustomFab, Nevada

"We have the edge, it helps us win jobs" - Adrian Marino, Southern Steel Supplies

"We are very pleased. The simplicity of FastCUT® makes it very easy to learn. All our locations have responded very positively and all were up and running witn hours of installation."- Bob Ochtrup from Chicago Tube and Iron.

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