FastSHAPES® Plate Development Software unfolds a variety of fabrication shapes and provides dimensioned output for cutting, folding & fit up. Handles true thick plate computations for the development of blowpipes/transitions for all the different segments in the heavy engineering market, from simple Cones and Mining Buckets to complete Hydro-Electric Pen Stock type developments.

Developed using the Bifircate module

Cone development module is used for wind towers

Conical Branch development

Square to Round transition


FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate development programs specifically designed for thick plate development where the main jointing technology is welding, although it is also used in sheetmetal development. There are a range of common, complex and heavy construction shapes including cones, lobsterbacks, transitions, pipe branches, conical branches, power transmission components and sprockets etc. With shapes covering most thick development needs, FastSHAPES® offers dramatic benefits to any heavy fabrication related business but most especially with large fabricated shapes requiring a lot of additional fabrication information (often multi-segmented), including complex equation based development such as gears and predictable multi-component developments.

Shapes can be completed in a fraction of the time manually lofted patterns would allow and importantly, they are fabricated 'right first time'. This computer based system can handle thousands more computations which is reflected in the capacity and accuracy of the output. Particularly when compared to hand lofted pattern developments. Highly accurate components offer a marked improvement in weld quality and consistency resulting in better fitup and the software is used extensively in estimating as it can rapidly produce the total material usage for a particular development. Many design draftsmen and engineers use the software to prototype designs knowing that they can be easily fabricated from plate. 2D and 3D DXF CAD outputs are also very useful to bring the designs and patterns back into CAD systems for documentation and verification.

  • CAD/CAM compatible but works as a standalone program.
  • THICK PLATE development calculations with material usage for cost estimate.
  • Full manufacturing details ie. bend lines, bend angle, longitudinal seam offsets, 'green' allowance for forming.
  • Caters for optimized seam locations.
  • Full 3D viewing of developed shapes with DXF output.
  • Full printouts including flat pattern for manual markout.
  • Output to a plotter for exact scale plots for optical trace type machines.

FastSHAPES® lets you develop the most complex shapes in minutes, model the item in 3D and provides complete data including Cut Distance, Marking Distance and Mass of Cut Components and Parts List. To create a development you simply choose your 'shape', input your dimensions and create an instant 'fabrication ready' pattern with 3D view. You can then import the DXF data file into FastCAM® or your preferred CAM system for editing or nesting (if required). FastSHAPES® will also produce both a plotted pattern output for optical tracing machines and a printed coordinate listing in X,Y, for manual lofting of the patterns in the workshop or on site.

FastSHAPES® is much easier than CAD. It has uncomplicated user-friendly screens however it does presume a working knowledge of fabrication techniques and basic development skills (typically a tradesman or semi-skilled tradesman in a plate fabrication shop). FastSHAPES screen shots showing sample range of shape developments

FastSHAPES® programs can be purchased indvidually covering Common Blowpipe, Power Transmission and Heavy/Complex Transitions.

PDFFastSHAPES® Brochure 

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