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Bifurcate Plus Development Program

FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate & Sheet development software programs specifically designed for heavy fabrication where the main jointing technology is welding.

The BIFURCATE PLUS software module is for the development and layout of massive industrial pipe Hydro-electric penstock bifurcations typically designed for water and sewage reticulation.

BIFURCATE PLUS provides patterns for the developed plates and reinforcing (sickle) plates used in large scale bifurcations where typically plate thicknesses vary throughout the structure, and plate development needs to consider the various welding details and edge preparations required for economical plate cutting and fabrication.
Reinforcing (sickle) plates are optional in any of the three crotches of the bifurcation, and may be either set-in or set-on the shell plates.
The structure is set out using the method of common central spheres. Development uses the radial line method.
Weld preparations may be specified at all joints, and patterns provide for marking intersection lines at weld prep. depth, inside surface intersections, and outside surface intersections. The purpose of such marking is to facilitate preparation for welding, frequently undertaken as a secondary operation.
Each of the three branches may be dissected by circumferential joints into up to four sections, and may additionally have a one or two-section collar, usually cylindrical, to facilitate connection to adjacent pipework.
Each section of a branch or collar can be further dissected into up to four segments by longitudinal joints, located to avoid cruciform weld joint details.
Green may be added to any or all edges of each individual segment.
Patterns may be arranged to defer cutting until after rolling when the development involves significant variation in plate width for rolling.
Patterns include marking of rolling guides (generators) and constant curvature lines. Match marks for inside and outside of bend, and top & bottom dead centre.

bullet pointSpheres list, defining XYZ location of centre, plus radius of sphere (internal radius of structure).
bullet pointStiffeners list, defining thickness and outer profile sizes, plus set-in/on options
bullet pointBranch lists, defining for each branch & branch collar...
bullet pointWeld details at adjacent crotch planes (stiffener locations)
bullet pointSection plane locations
bullet pointMaterial thickness for each Section
bullet pointSegment (longitudinal joint) locations
bullet pointGreen to be added to longitudinal joint edges for each segment in the section
bullet pointGreen to be added to circumferential joint edge 1
bullet pointGreen to be added to circumferential joinr edge 2
bullet pointCircumferential joint (between sections)
bullet pointWeld details

A pattern in any of the following forms ...
bullet pointFastCAM file
bullet pointDXF (2D) file
bullet pointDXF (3D) file
bullet pointCoordinate Table


M3FS6 : PBRANCH (Pipe Branch)
M3FS15 : CBRANCH (Conical Branches from a Conical Body)
M3FS17 : BIFURCATE (Generalized Bifurcation)

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