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Penstock Development Software Program

FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate & Sheet development software programs specifically designed for heavy fabrication where the main jointing technology is welding.

The PENSTOCK software module is for the development of multiple conical elements to form a circular complex structure, in sheet and plate. It provides a powerful general purpose facility for a long sequence of cones and / or cylinders in any ductwork or pipework in any weight construction from sheet metal to very heavy plate.

Hydro-electric penstocks
Generalized tubes and bends, circular cross-sections

Setout by method of common central spheres
Radial line development method
Weld preparations included in developments
Up to 8 consecutive cones per penstock
Optional intermediate circ. joint per cone,
with thickness change at joint.
Up to 4 segments per half or full cone
Match marking provided
Rolling guides marked.
Green provided for.

bullet pointCentre coordinates and radii of spheres
bullet pointOptional intermediate circ. joint plane data
bullet pointThickness of each half or full cone
bullet pointSegment angles for each half or full cone
bullet pointGreen for each circ. joint
bullet pointGreen for longitudinal joint
bullet pointJoint Weld details

Patterns in any of the following forms ...
bullet pointFastCAM file
bullet pointDXF (2D) file
bullet pointCoordinate Table
bullet pointA list of plate sizes and rolling radius data
bullet pointA 3D DXF file describing the complete structure.


M3FS12 : ELBOW (Reducing circular cross-section bends)
M3FS13 : LOBSTER (Constant circular cross-section bends)
M3FS17 : BIFURCATEPLUS (General conical bifurcation, with stiffeners)

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oblique cone development for sheet metal and plate