FastSHAPES Cone with Branch development program for metal

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CBranch Development Program

FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate & Sheet development software programs specifically designed for heavy fabrication where the main jointing technology is welding.

The CBRANCH software module is for the development and layout of conical and circular transitions in sheet and plate, including branched takeoffs (pipe into cone).

Fluids Conveying - branched takeoffs - conical and circular transitions
Nozzles in tank roofs or hoppers.

Conical body with 0,1 or 2 conical branches. (two branches are opposite handed)
Body may be upright on its centreline axis, or offset to achieve an upright front or rear face.
Branches in-plane with body, or offset
Branch axes inclined to body axis.
Collars permitted, mandatory for certain setouts.
Uses radial line method of development.
Up to 4 longitudinal joints, green optional.

bullet pointSelection of offset options and number of branches
bullet pointMaterial thickness
bullet pointInternal diameters of body at inlet and outlet
bullet pointHeight of Body
bullet pointBody collar dimensions (may be mandatory)
bullet pointBranch base dimension and location
bullet pointInternal diameter of branch outlets
bullet pointBranch collar dimension (may be mandatory)
bullet pointBranch length and outlet direction
bullet pointLongitudinal seam locations
bullet pointGreen and seam offset dimensions.

Patterns in any of the following forms ...
bullet pointFastCAM file
bullet pointDXF (2D) file
bullet pointCoordinate Table
bullet pointA 3D DXF file describing the complete structure.


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for the development of pipe into cone or conical takeoffs