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Rack and Pinion Program

FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate & Sheet development software programs specifically designed for heavy fabrication where the main jointing technology is welding.

The RandP software module is for the development of Rack and matching Pinion or Full and Partial Pinion which is commonly used in the transport, chemical and food industries.

The types of spur gear envisaged to be cut on NC profiling machines are more likely to be found in larger, lower speed, more agricultural applications than in high speed power transmission applications where noise, wear and other quality factors are paramount.

Such applications can be found typically in mining, bulk materials handling and metals smelting in such devices as linear / reciprocating shuttle drives, ladle tilting mechanisms and the like. Environments are typically both noisy and dirty, and gear mechanisms of a size that frequently lie outside the economic capabilities of most standard gear cutting systems. Nevertheless, design concepts applicable to smaller higher quality gear trains are equally applicable to the envisaged applications.

RandP produces patterns for Rack and / or Pinion applications, while InvInt (see link below) produces patterns for Internal gears, these being spur gears in all instances, and restricted to the involute form. Each provides for gear sectors as well as full gears, and both use identical concepts as to data entry and output.

Spur Geared Power Transmission Linear (Rack and Pinion) drives (e.g. conveyor shuttles)
Common usage in transport, chemical and food industries

Involute Spur Rack and Pinion. Comply with AS 2938, covering ...
bullet point14.5 degree full teeth
bullet point20 degree full teeth
bullet point20 degree stub teeth
bullet pointA pinion sector is optional.

bullet pointSelect pressure angle, tooth height
bullet pointPitch Circle Diameter
bullet pointNumber of Teeth in a complete gear
bullet pointNumber of Teeth in gear sector (optional)
bullet pointBore Diameter (optional)
bullet pointNumber of Teeth in Rack
bullet pointRack Depth (optional)
bullet pointMaterial & thickness

Patterns in any of the following forms ...
bullet pointFastCAM file
bullet pointDXF (2D) file
bullet pointCoordinate Table

M3FS3 : RandP

M3FS4 : INVINT (Internal Involute gears)

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