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Dr. Cone Development Program - Teaching Module

FastSHAPES® is the generic name for a suite of Plate & Sheet development software programs specifically designed for heavy fabrication where the main jointing technology is welding.

The DR. CONE software module represents the classical trade school / college development exercise for conical developments in sheet and plate. The program simultaneously demonstrates the differences between radial line development as implemented in FastSHAPES® and the uncompensated triangulation development (the traditional lofting method taught in many schools). The program provides both qualitative and quantitative comparisons of uncompensated triangulation with radial line method applied to a right circular cone. This module is usually supplied as part of the full shape set under our Educational License.

Points of difference to the standard CONE module:
All fairing of circumferential edges has been suppressed and cannot be activated through the Options menu.
The oblique cut at the top of the cone is optional, and included for educational purposes only.
Thickness may be specified, but the cone layout dimensions are confined to lie at mean thickness.
Patterns, the PartsList and the 3 dimensional model obtained via the Display menu or by left/right clicking the patterns on the data entry form are for an approximate solution.
The PartsList table will show differences in nett mass and overall pattern size between runs with different numbers of development intervals.
CONE will provide exact values of the above and data can be used as a teaching comparison.

Bulk Material storage bin hoppers,
Tank Roofs,
Flagpoles, WindTowers,
Flanges, flange segments, discs.
Basically ANY right circular conical structure with multiple strakes of varying thickness

The radial line development method is used, applied to right circular conical frustums.
Covers all cones from flat disc to cylinder.
Multiple segments, multiple strakes, multiple thicknesses.
Alternative specifications for joint locations.

Select Specification Alternative 1, 2 or 3 ...
bullet pointCone Top and Bottom Diameters & Height
bullet pointDefine whether diameters are internal, external or mean
bullet pointNumber of Strakes
bullet pointSpecify Green (optional)
bullet pointNumber of Strakes
bullet pointMaterial
bullet pointTable of thicknesses

Patterns in any of the following forms ...
bullet pointFastCAM file
bullet pointDXF (2D) file
bullet pointDXF (3D) file
bullet pointCoordinate Table


M3FS9 : OBCONE (Oblique cone development)
M3FS15 : CBRANCH (Conical branch structure development)

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