FastFRAME® User Story

For use in large scale complex spaceframe construction to produce the data and layout, including the joint detail. A typical feature in the design of steel pipe frames is multiple pipes joining at one node point and intersecting each other.


FastFRAME software used with CNC tube cutting machine

Shaping frames of light air craft

The possibility of using FastFRAME® to produce light aircraft frames was identified by Mr John Zuelhcke from North America Cutting Systems. He suggested that Univair in Denver combine our software with a purpose built tube cutting machine. The machine is fitted with a Inner Logic fine beam plasma and multi-axis Fagor motion controller for complete automation. Univair produce replacement light aircraft frames and were grinding the tubular ends with a manual template. The process was slow, imprecise and lacked the highest manufacturing standards demanded by the company.

The fully automated NC cutting machine took data from the FastFRAME® program and automatically cut each end of the connecting spa's in each frame. The automatic feed system pushes the tube stock through a custom-designed clamping system that spins the tube under the plasma machine torch. Highly accurate components are produced by the system with each end correct for length, angle and relative twist. Production savings are substantial due to improvements in speed and accuracy of the fitup. The high quality of the end cuts has a marked improvement in weld quality and consistency.

FastFRAME® works as a standalone system however it also complements our FastPIPE™ program.

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