Software for Steel Service Centers

FastCAM has been supplying software for Burning, Shearing and Sawing/Drilling machines for over 30 years, offering a range of affordable programs to metal profilers and fabricators. For service centers, we offer the option of purchasing multiple products under a Licensing, Service & Maintenance Agreement.

CAD CAM nesting software supporting all popular cutting machines

Quote optimization software improves profits for steel service centers

Simple cut to length optimizer for Coil

Plate tracking system for cut plate is ideal for specialty metal merchants


FastCAM® products offer a range of software solutions to the everyday challenges faced by Steel Service Centers. Our software is designed to offer benefits to the shop floor and front office. NC automated programming made easy, stock optimization, processing and productivity efficiencies. Key areas such as maximizing return from materials, managing just in time inventory (plate tracking) and optimizing the sales and quotation process can be addressed with FastCAM software.

As a direct response to Steel Service Centers needs, FastCAM has developed the FastTRACK® system for the tracking of valuable processed plate, and FastCAM® Quote Everything Database, a flexible and configurable quoting and estimating system. Productivity reports include customer win/loss quote detail and quote summary. Using the Quoter's query manager, quote information can be retrieved and sorted in a multi-level fashion by a variety of parameters including customer, location, quote/revision and due date. A quick analysis on which quotes were successful gives you an instant view of the gross profitability long before any accounting system.

All quotes are fast, accurate, optimized and stored in a central database to enable an instant snapshot of the performance of the quotation system for marketing, profitability and competitive assessment.

Our FastCUT® program has a feature within the program for Cut to Length which is an ideal solution for coil distributors. FastCUT®will determine the optimum blank size to use for a particular list of rectangular parts that are to be cut from a coil of fixed or infinite length. This is just one example from our productivity range.

Personnel in FastCAM R&D combine years of software development experience with a unique understanding of day-to-day business practices in fabrication.

FastCAM has provided NC systems for many years and we now have many thousands of customers around the world who can see real value in our products and in our continued development and directions. We offer many new developments in cutting technologies, including weld processing precision beveling. We also offer the option of purchasing multiple products under a Licensing, Service & Maintenance Agreement. This gives customers better buying value, affordable time-payments and top level support. Ideal for service centers who are looking for a technology partner able to provide continued access to the latest processing technologies at affordable prices.

  • Largest range of products built specifically for metals processing.
  • Easy to implement and maintain.
  • Compatible with existing systems.
  • Committment to service and support.
  • Committment to developing new technologies.
  • Reputable supplier with world wide brand and customer base.

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