Steel take off software that provides the fastest method of entering materials into 'sortable' electronic lists for estimating and factory production. Do a take-off once and get it right first time. Create lists in seconds...sort on material, section, type.. export the data, create reports, BOMs, lists, production sheets etc. You'll never have to re-type material lists again!


FastCAM® MTO™ is a spreadsheet program specific to steel takeoff that allows you to automate and digitally capture all of the pertinent detail of drawings.

FastCAM® MTO™ is a solution for many steel service centers and fabricators that routinely cater for needs of the structural steel industry, whether it be bridges, shipbuilding or buildings. Request for Quotations (RFQs) and Material Take-Offs (MTOs) have been a perennial problem for the metals industry. Some CAD software with a 'BOM facility' handles countable commodities but it can't deal with commodities measured by specifics such as length or by area so the solution falls short. Many shops have found sundry ad hoc work-arounds, some of which more or less partially work, but FastCAM® MTO™ does the entire job quickly and relatively painlessly.

FastCAM® MTO™ is designed to speed data entry. You can manually enter data direct from the command line or use the drop down catalogue list to select sections. Color coded prompts are used to guide you through the requirements to minimize data entry. In addition the Job Details sections, (Assembly, Drawing, Facility & Item) have mouse over tabbed flyouts to provide helpful function descriptions. A graphics screen is used for visual checking of the data as it is entered and a diagnostic feature flags data entry Errors & Warnings.

The program also has various functions to automate and speed the importation of CAM, DXF or DWG files. You can even pre-set the Material and Thickness for all the files you select at the time of import and for precise data verification, the vertical scales are exaggerated to provide clarity and zoom facilities are provided.

steel estimating spreadsheet program for download

FastCAM® MTO™ highlights :
  • Imports DSTV/NC1 and DXF/DWG/CAM files.
  • Imports proprietary FastCAM® and FastBEAM™ files.
  • Inbuilt catalogues for all Standard Sections.
  • Inch or Metric Data input/output.
  • Cut/paste to & from Excel, Word and most Window Applications.
  • Data includes mass and surface area of all items.
  • Command line data entry for fast predictive data entry.
  • Powerful reporting allows sorting on multiple fields.
  • Catalogue editor: Import, update and maintain.
  • Ability to setup alias names for non-standard sections or where names vary from supplier or manufacturer.
  • Compatible with other FastCAM® products but no other software required.
  • The MTO file format can be 'fed' into the FastCAM® QE™ system for instant optimized quotes based on exact stock sizes.

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