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Provides the fastest method of entering materials into 'sortable' electronic lists for estimating and factory production. Do a take-off once and get it right first time. Create lists in seconds...sort on material, section, type.. export the data, create reports, BOMs, lists, production sheets etc. You'll never have to re-type material lists again!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free download version of FastCAM® MTO™ a demo or restricted copy?

No. FastCAM® MTO™ is not time limited and the functionality is not restricted in any way. It does not embed cookies or adware software in the program.

Is FastCAM® MTO™ multi-user?

A server or multi-user version is not available however an individual can obtain multiple copies of MTO through our web store.

What is the FastCAM® MTO™ file format?

The MTO file has been created by FastCAM for storage and information specific to structural steel and related industry. The FastCAM® MTO software program reads and creates these MTO files for the purpose of fast quotation. The MTO file format was developed as part of the FastCAM quote system and as such has made it available as a separate utility program for customers of steel service centers.

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