FastCAM® QE Version 6 Enhancements

We've been working hard to add value to our quotation software for processed steel. Top of our subscribers wish list has been the ability to import PDFs for the purpose of fast quotation, as well as quoting bevelled and marked parts. We can now offer both these new features and more, free to subscribers!

< FastCAM QE

quoting bevelled parts

enlarged view

shape library

All Line Item windows have been given a redesign. They have been enlarged for easier viewing and are now more consistent in design and layout.  All the main actions are now available from the toolbar.

PDF part extraction

  • Subscribers can login to download FastCAM® QE™ version 6 and FastCAM® v7.5.253 (with PDF part extraction feature).
  • The FastCAM® e-Learning portal has been updated to include tutorials on the latest version. Cloud based learning is part of your subscription. Contact your closest office to register.

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