Solutions for Shipbuilding

FastCAM® Systems have been installed in many countries including America, Canada, China, Thailand and Australia. A good proportion are related to large scale shipbuilding.

Catamarans at Incat

marked parts

profile cut ship parts


FastCAM® Systems have been used for frigates and nuclear and conventional submarines. FastCAM® is used by many specialist boat builders such as International Catamarans and by TENIX for the substantial frigate projects. Another major project where FastCAM® is used is at the Thai Navy shipyard in Bangkok.

With CAD import facilities, including IGES, DXF and templates through FastCOPY® FastCAM products provide easy integration with existing design systems for independent postprocessing and nesting.

FastCAM® produces immediate NC code for a very wide variety of cutting machines with support for most popular NC controllers.

FastCAM® production systems complete the job of boat building after the high profile design and drafting systems have finished their work and the design is locked in time.

Incat Tasmania has produced over thirty world class Wave Piercing Catamarans since the early 90's. These 300 ft plus ships are designed for fast ferry work and are of full aluminum construction. FastCAM Australia has been intimately involved in their construction for many years.

  • Full CAD compatibility.
  • FastCAM® can read DXF, IGES, HPGL and NC code.
  • Cleans CAD files of all redundant or incorrect information.
  • Components can be selected and removed from drawings easily.
  • All production functions are fully automatic.


"We designed a bridge unit which was constructed and cut using FastCAM® software. Quite an achievement I believe from both parties. Note this unit weighs approx. 300-tonnes. " Ron Ryan, Mould Loft Supervisor, BAE Systems Australia-Maritime

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