CNC Signcutting Software

Need to cut text or pictures on your NC Plasma, Oxy, Laser or Waterjet machine? Both of these programs are a very affordable way to add value to any sign cutting or general engineering business needing a simple but elegant NC solution for fonts and/or graphics. Download and use in your business today!

FastCAM FontGEN NC solution for cutting text

FastCAM FontGEN NC for text cutting using hi def plasma or laser cutting

FastCAM Outline NC solution for cutting graphics


CAD conversion of text and picture files for CNC: CAD file formats are based on the location of points in 2D or 3D space with definitions attached to those locations and the space between them ('Vectors'). Image files are based on 'Raster' formats which are a collection of dots, generated by scanning pictures or paper drawings and by image manipulation software and drawing programs. Vector based formats can be scaled more accurately and measured and manipulated on a line by line, entity by entity basis. Raster formats can only be edited by changing the dots that make up the picture which would result in a 'dirty' machine file because CNC uses the precise vector format.

Originally designed to complement our existing FastCAM® NC systems, these specialized programs are now in use by hundreds of companies in industries such as artisan engraving, cutting, artwork and engineering.

These products are standalone programs that are compatible with FastCAM® but you do not need FastCAM® installed or any other CAD system. In fact there is absolutely no CAD knowledge required with these simple trade solutions. You can use them instantly.


FastCAM® FontGEN™ is suited to laser cutting, signwriting & marking applications. It will turn your Windows text into .DXF and/or (Fast).CAM file formats. The DXF file can then be opened in FastCAM® (or other CAD/CAM system), and pathed for conversion into NC code. Cut the text 'as is' or explode for nesting.

With this Raster to Vector software, you can convert the millions of windows fonts into NC cutting files. All fonts are generated with continuous curves for reduced entity count and smooth vector results. Type it in the FontGEN editor or cut and paste from Microsoft® Word (choose from any installed True Type Font). Up to 1,000 character text limit. Font selection includes Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic.

FastCAM® FontGEN™ is an ideal solution for lasers and Hi Def Plasma users wanting to achieve smooth line precision cutting. Operates in English, Spanish or Chinese. Note: FontGEN has been updated, and now preinstalls some stencil fonts that will work well for Sign Cutting.


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FastCAM® Outline is vector graphic software suited to cutting logos, stencils and picture artwork on NC machinery. It will convert 'raster' image files from BMP, TIFF, AWD and JPG formats into vector files. If your images are not in any of the supported formats they will need to be converted using a third party conversion program OR imported using the program's built in flat bed scanner interface. FastCAM® Outline is TWAIN compliant meaning it's compatible with most modern USB, SCSI, or even older Parallel scanners.

All imported images can be manipulated and rotated through the program's simple interface which effortlessly converts the files into (AutoCAD compatible) DXF files. The DXF file can then be opened in FastCAM® (or other CAD/CAM system), and pathed for conversion into NC code. Importantly, the DXF file the program produces is composed of lines and arcs, ensuring the generated files can be compressed into optimized NC code for your profile cutting machine.

FastCAM® Outline can convert most images into DXF files however high resolution, high contrast, simple black and white drawings are more suitable than complex colored photos because either the outline or the centre line of the drawing needs to be traced. Whilst the DXF output file can be made up of either lines, arcs, or lines and arcs, 'Simple Lines' produce a superior quality cut because these type of entities more accurately trace the outline of a contour.

FastCAM® Outline is an ideal solution for Oxy-Fuel, Plasma, Laser or Waterjet Equipment. Operates in English ony.


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