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FastCAM® Training

Our interactive web-based software solution is an ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals or groups anywhere in the world, at any time.


Cloud based self-paced learning now available to subscribers. Contact us for more info.


Interactive web sessions over the Internet: anytime, anywhere

This is a low cost and convenient way to learn. Training is tailored to your needs and allows you to ask questions and move at your own speed. To schedule training you will need to contact a service engineer who will want to determine your skill level and required outcomes.

  • You see everything that we do during the session and you can also interact. You sit back and watch us run your programs and demonstrate functionality and then we can watch you repeat the lesson. We can also transfer sample files and support documentation.
  • No waiting, No expense. No expensive travel or time away from the business is needed for either of us making scheduling a breeze! This new style of teaching is not only far less disruptive to business it has proven to be extremely effective. You can get started and be productive instantly.
  • It is permission based. You download a small app that generates a password and ID so that we can connect. We can only access your computer when the session is running.
  • Secure access. Your connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using high security 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.
  • Support requires broadband Internet connection such as cable, DSL or ISDN.
  • Ideally voice connection via a Telephone with a Speakerphone would also be connected.
  • Affordable. COST is US$150/AU$180 per hour (which can be delivered as 2 x 1/2 hour sessions).

If you are interested in Web Based Training please email our service engineer and tell us the FastCAM® product you want to learn more about. It is helpful if you can give us an idea of attendee numbers, their current level of competency and also what you would like to achieve. We can then design and quote a learning module to suit.

On Site Training


Please contact us to obtain a quotation for face-to-face training. Fees vary depending on location, time required on site, number of attendees etc.

Extract full value from your software

There will always be a place for traditional face-to-face training, particularly for large groups. Our high quality training courses are designed to help staff gain new skills that can be used immediately on the job. We design the curriculum prior to each training session. For example, if you have specific needs such as for shape development, we can change the focus of the training. Some programs may be tailored specifically for structural or Light Sheetmetal, heavy Fab., etc.

Groups can include a mix of users. Managers often benefit from an increased understanding of existing and potential production efficiencies with the latest technologies. On-site group training programs can be designed to meet multiple varying needs and proficiency levels of individuals and departments.

Comprehensive, intensive training; Useful examples and practical exercises ensure that you use the program in a way that benefits the needs of your business.

  • New Users: For FastCAM® this would be to Draw, Plot, Nest, Path and generate NC code proficiently.
  • Experienced Users needing a refresher course.
  • Users who are upgrading to a new version.
  • Train the Trainer Sessions.
  • Backup staff covering leave or other absences.
  • Managers wanting to increase their own understanding.
Included in on-site training:
  • Comprehensive training by a suitably qualified professional.
  • Useful examples and practical exercises.
  • Training materials.
  • Free post-course phone/email support for 30 days.
  • Certificate on satisfactory completion of course.
If you are interested in On Site Training please email our Service Engineer and tell us the FastCAM® product you want to learn more about. It is helpful if you can give us an idea of attendee numbers, their current level of competency and also what you would like to achieve. We can then design and quote learning modules to suit.


We offer all of our manufacturing software as a complete package for accredited educational institutes which includes FastCAM® Professional and our complete set of FastSHAPES® programs. Our modules generally cover everything for Sheetmetal, Metal Fabrication and mechanical services including drawing and CAD import, manual and automatic nesting, NC code verification and editing, plate development covering bends, branches and transitions as well as weld preparation (on cut parts to AWS and WTIA standards), so our software can be used in a number of courses.

We also offer Train the Trainer services via the web on a sessional basis or on site training which would cover all aspects of the software modules, integration with your curriculum and practical hands-on cutting with your machine.

  • The FastCAM® Education Site License is $5,000 which allows for a maximum of 10-users. Where the software is dongle activated there is an additional fee of $100 per user. Alternatively, we also offer a network license solution.
  • Each subsequent year requires the purchase of an Annual Software Maintenance Agreement (for support and updates) at a cost of $995. This fee covers all the software and users at the site.
  • Training is offered at an additional cost as detailed above.
If you are interested in our Educational License please email Mark Fagan, Dip. App.Sci. (Manufacturing), Dip Ed., B.Ed. (Technology) - ASME. AWS. WTIA.

Training is available for: FastCAM | FastSHAPES | FastCAM QE | FastTRACK |FastFRAME | FastBEAM