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Steel Profiling Software

FastCAM has been supplying software for Burning, Shearing and Sawing/Drilling machines for over 30 years, offering a range of affordable programs to metal profilers and fabricators.


We offer a complete range of heavy engineering solutions for steel plate, sheet, bar, tube and pipe.

Our Cut smarter, Quote faster™ approach aims to help the metals service sector take big strides towards automating and optimizing all parts of the business.

  • FastCAM® Shape Cutting for Plate
  • FastCAM® 3D Plasma Weld Prep System
  • FastNEST® True Shape Nesting for Plate
  • FastPLOT® NC Code Simulation
  • FastPATH® Tool Path Generation
  • FastSHAPES® Plate Shape Forming
  • FastCAM® QE™ Processing Quotes
  • FastCAM® MTO for Steel Take-Off
  • FastCUT® Nesting for Sheet, Beam & Coil
  • FastTRACK® Cut Plate Database
  • FastPIPE™ Processing Heavy Tube
  • FastBEAM™ Structural Programming
  • FastCOPY® Digitizing NC Parts & Templates
  • FastFRAME® Complex Spaceframes
  • FastCAM® Kerf™ (Compensation)
  • FastLINK™ DNC Comms for Burny
  • Outline & FontGEN™ for text & pictures


Bevel Head Video

45° Angled Pipe through Plate using the FastCAM® Bevel Head.

square to round transition

Watch a square to round development for plate using the FastSHAPES® Rectircle module - $99


All video product demonstrations and tutorials.