cnc nesting software for plasma and oxy cutting

Steel Profiling Software

FastCAM has been supplying software for Burning, Shearing and Sawing/Drilling machines for over 30 years, offering a range of affordable programs to metal profilers and fabricators.


We offer a complete range of heavy engineering solutions for steel plate, sheet, bar, tube and pipe.

Our "Cut smarter, Quote faster" approach aims to help the metals service sector take big strides towards automating and optimizing all parts of the business.

  • FastCAM® Shape Cutting for Plate
  • FastCAM® 3D Plasma Weld Prep System
  • FastNEST® True Shape Nesting for Plate
  • FastPLOT™ NC Code Simulation
  • FastPATH™ Tool Path Generation
  • FastSHAPES® Plate Forming
  • FastCAM® QE™ Processing Quotes
  • FastCAM® MTO for Steel Take-Off
  • FastCUT® Nesting for Sheet, Beam & Coil
  • FastTRACK® Cut Plate Database
  • FastPIPE™ Processing Heavy Tube
  • FastBEAM™ Structural Programming
  • FastCOPY® Digitizing NC Parts & Templates
  • FastFRAME® Complex Spaceframes
  • FastCAM® Kerf™
  • FastLINK™ DNC Comms for Burny
  • Outline & FontGEN™ for text & pictures